Chapter Testing and Refund Policies PNWC

All of this might seem a bit draconian, but as a few owners have been "gaming" the system, stricter rules have become necessary. I'm sure that you don't like reading all of this any more than I enjoy having to write it.

Our experience is that many dog owners register for multiple tests  in hopes of getting the highest score possible. Then, if their dog passes and perhaps receives a high score on the first try, there's nothing to improve and the dog might not do as well on subsequent tests. In the past, we had so many entries that we could fill a test and refund the entry fees.

Unfortunately, NAVHDA chapters must invest substantial amounts of money in setting up the tests (and it's a rare occasion we break even). The longer an owner waits to cancel, the greater the chance that the spot won't be filled and/or some owners won't be able to test at all — or will be forced to travel long distances when they could have tested closer to home.

Moreover, it's a distinct pain-in-the-behind for those of us trying to please everybody and having to juggle entries, write refund checks, take them to the post office and all that overhead that many people never think of.

This is analogous to the situation with airlines. Some travelers book multiple reservations and then take whichever one is best suited to them and forget the others. The result of this is that airlines regularly overbook flights so they fly with as few empty seats as possible. Or, fees are simply non-refundable. (Some chapters never refund any fees under any circumstances.)

Obviously, we can't overbook entry slots.

Thank you for your understanding. Most of all, thank you for your cooperation.

This page last modified 14 August 2017