Installing Acrobat Reader

I've talked with a few members lately who have had trouble downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat Reader (what you need to read .pdf files)

I hope this helps.

1. Go to  (you can go to and navigate yourself, if you like)

2. Fill in the information requested and click on "Download"

3, A box called "File Download" will pop up. Select "Save this program to disk" and click on OK.

4. Select a location THAT YOU CAN REMEMBER and click on "Save" to download. The file is 9.76 MB, so it can take a while if you have a dial-up connection. You can hang up after you've downloaded the file. Remember the file name so you can find it again.

5. Go to the folder where you stored the file you just downloaded and double-click on it. It should install. If it says Acrobat Reader already is installed, just continue with the installation.

You should now be able to ready Acrobat (.pdf) files.


If you have a Web link to a .pdf file and LEFT-CLICK on it, the file will open in your browser. RIGHT-CLICK on the link to download it. If you download the file, you can double-click on the file itself to open in Acrobat Reader.

You must both download the file AND install it. Saving it to disk first is more error-free.